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"International Experience in Implementing Media Literacy"

Webinar for Ukrainian Women Abroad

In the digital age, one of the essential skills for everyone is media literacy - the ability to critically evaluate information and distinguish true facts from fakes. Measuring media literacy is challenging because it is influenced by numerous factors: education, age, digital skills, sources of daily media consumption, and more. Even income level can indirectly affect media literacy.

Furthermore, the level of media literacy is very dynamic: during extraordinary events (such as the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic or the full-scale invasion of Russia), the conditional indicator of media literacy drops because there is an overwhelming amount of information and sources. However, as people adapt to these conditions, the level of media literacy can improve. This is evident: under stress, we cannot make rational decisions, including decisions about which information to consume.

The Association of Innovative and Digital Education, NGO "Detector Media," with the support of The National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), invites you to the webinar for Ukrainian women abroad "International Experience in Implementing Media Literacy." You will learn about the steps necessary to improve your information security.

The webinar will take place on July 18th, starting at 5:00 PM.

To ensure you don't miss the webinar, follow this link: Google Calendar and click "Yes." This will save it to your calendar, and you will receive a reminder on the day of the stream.

During the webinar, you will:

  • Learn to identify manipulative media content, distinguish disinformation, and harmful propaganda narratives.

  • Familiarize yourself with key narratives and tactics of Russian propaganda to counter them.

  • Learn to assess the expertise of authors and information sources, including Telegram channels.

Speaker: Vadym Misky, Program Director at NGO "Detector Media" - a leading Ukrainian analytical center in the field of media freedom and countering disinformation. He is a journalist and media manager, an expert and host of programs on countering disinformation. Since 2015, he has been a member of the Supervisory Board of the National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine.

Link to the broadcast: YouTube Live

Don't forget to subscribe to the channel and click the "bell" to avoid missing the start of the webinar.


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