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The Network of Ukrainian Education Hubs

The Network of Ukrainian Education Hubs implements the concept of Lifelong Learning for the development of human capital in Ukraine.

The key objective of the Ukrainian Education Hubs is to educate children and adults for a successful career.

Currently, the Network of EduHubs includes 23 educational centers: 16 in Europe (in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Spain, and Greece), and 7 in Ukraine (Kyiv, Khmelnytsky, Ternopil, Lviv, Lutsk, and others). At the beginning of the year, 16 more educational centers will be opened in Ukraine in Odesa, Mykolaiv, and Kherson regions.


Ecosystem of catch up with educational losses with the help of Artificial Intelligence

A platform for systematic training of school managers.
The platform contains online courses for educators - managers of educational institutions, courses developed and certified by the Institute of Education Content Modernization of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

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The ecosystem of psychological assistance in the field of education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

The Ecosystem of Psychological Assistance in the Field of Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine provides an opportunity for educators, school psychologists, pupils, students and their parents to gain skills free of charge:

- Providing first psychological aid;
- Dealing with stress;
- Supervision by clinical psychologists;
- Training of specialists who will be able to work with complex (clinical) cases;

The project partners are the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, the international humanitarian organization People in Need, and the World Health Organization (WHO).

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Ecosystem of learning and testing English language proficiency

The National Ecosystem of English Language Learning and Testing allows you to determine your own level of English proficiency.

The platform is a marketplace for learning English, contains various types of learning tools, as well as a unique English testing system, which allows you to accurately and quickly determine your level 24/7 online for free and learn English with the help of the most popular online educational project in Ukraine "Lingva.Skills"

Adaptive testing is a state-of-the-art testing method that involves changing the sequence of test tasks during the testing process. This testing system is a "barometer" that measures progress in English language proficiency at any stage of learning.

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National Personnel Reserve

An effective social elevator for Ukrainians that facilitates their employment and/or starting their own business.

The main goal of the project is to launch an effective social elevator in Ukraine that will help Ukrainians find a job or start their own business. This is a unique portal that allows each user to:

  • self-analyze their aptitudes for certain professions and test soft skills (10 skills demanded by employers are available) (

  • test entrepreneurial skills and take an entrepreneurship course (

  • find a job from the State Employment Service's vacancy database.

The project is implemented with the support of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine and the State Employment Service.


National platform for learning foreign languages – Lingva Skills

An online platform for free English language learning, created in 2016 with the efforts and funds of the Association's founders. The largest educational project in Ukraine, in which users have already completed 160 million exercises. The platform has 3 learning levels (A1-B2), 17,000 phrases with images and voiceover. We also have additional platforms for blended learning (online and offline) Lingva.Pro, Lingva.Class and learning the German language Lingva.Deutsch.


Online educational platform of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

The first educational platform in the history of Ukrainian parliamentarism, created in 2021. The platform contains 17 online courses for training employees of the Apparatus and Secretariat of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, people's deputies and their assistants. It was created with the funds of the EU-UNDP Program on Parliamentary Reform.


Knowledge management portal

Developed jointly with "Skills Academy" LLC in 2019 by order of the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service.


The portal is a marketplace that hosts training programs for civil servants and local self-government officials. Programs are sorted by regions, topics, format, etc.


National platform for employment and career building of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine

The first national career guidance project in Ukraine, implemented jointly with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from 2021. The platform contains a unique career guidance test based on artificial intelligence (own development), a system of career guidance consultation, online courses, online tours to the largest enterprises of Ukraine, advanced training courses.
Using the platform is free of charge.


Academy of Communities of Ukraine

The platform was created in 2021 and contains 6 systematic online courses for training community leaders, local self-government bodies, local deputies, ordinary residents, and mass media. Using the platform is free of charhe. The platform is supplemented with new online courses and technical tools.

The project partner is the Association of Communities of Ukraine.


KCSA platform for lifelong learning

A joint project with the Kyiv City State Administration, opened in 2019. The platform contains more than 200 online courses on the most in-demand skills of the 21st century, as well as more than 100 online courses on professions. Also, as part of the Education Hub, hundreds of trainings are held for Kyiv residents, and we have modern premises for this purpose in the city center.

Training is free of charge.


Platform for determining aptitude for professions "Interactive resume"

A project developed by our team to determine professional abilities, qualification level, and entrepreneurial inclinations using artificial intelligence for adults. This is an official portal included in the National Personnel Reserve (, officially approved by the Ministry of Economy and the State Employment Service of Ukraine.The platform user can create an Interactive Resume with the test results, modify it, save it, print it, and send it to the employer.

We have received scientific confirmation of the effectiveness of the test from leading Ukrainian universities and institutes of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.


Comprehensive system of teaching Ukrainians entrepreneurship "I am an entrepreneur"

A system of training in the basics of entrepreneurial (how to develop your own business) and soft skills based on a blended learning model that combines online content (multimedia courses in the international SCORM format) and training from leading Ukrainian business coaches.

Upon successful completion of the training, a certificate with a unique number is issued.


Moya mova

The national project for testing and learning the Ukrainian language, implemented with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, the Ukrainian Cultural Fund and the Ukrainian Charity Exchange in 2021.

The platform contains a unique adaptive test (developed by us) for determining the level of the Ukrainian language, a course on the modern Ukrainian language, a platform with more than 30 services (also developed by us). Education is free of charge.


National School of Managers

A platform for systematic training of school managers.
The platform contains online courses for educators - managers of educational institutions, courses developed and certified by the Institute of Education Content Modernization of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


Polish language training for Ukrainians Lingva.Polska

An effective tool for learning Polish (A1 and A2 levels available). More than 10,000 phrases, 9 types of exercises, voice acting by native speakers, adaptive technology that allows for an individual approach to each user.

The project was implemented with the support of Deloitte Poland Foundation and has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for use in the educational process in Ukrainian educational institutions.


Base of Case Studies

Case study lessons are widely used in the education systems of the world's leading countries. They have replaced standardly organized classroom lessons and conventional video lessons.

Finally, in Ukraine, all students have the opportunity to learn through case study interactive lessons in 6 subjects (algebra, geometry, Ukrainian language, English, history of Ukraine, biology), which

  • turn ordinary learning into an interesting adventure;

  • provide maximum practice;

  • make you fall in love with the subject.

Currently, the Case Study Database includes 300 case studies, and work is underway on others.


Skills Academy

The first online educational portal in Ukraine, created in 2012. The portal contains a unique goal map, 200+ educational lectures, university representations, recruiting functionality and much more. In 2015, the project was supplemented with training courses on civic education in cooperation with the International Visegrad Foundation.

Training is free of charge.


My War

Millions of Ukrainians became direct witnesses of Russia's brutal war against Ukraine, unprecedented for the entire civilized world, in the very center of Europe.

On the platform, you can post your story, read others, support people who are in a difficult situation. All stories are automatically translated into 80 languages.

The project was implemented with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine in 2022.


Ukrainian Education in Emergency

Millions of Ukrainian children have interrupted their studies and moved to safer places abroad since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Thousands of schools were damaged by bombing and shelling, and hundreds were completely destroyed.

This website is designed for ministries of education, international education managers and teachers to help our children adapt to new schools and curricula in other countries. Here you can find a brief description of the Ukrainian education system and typical school programs.

This website was created as part of the Swiss-Ukrainian project "DECIDE" - "Decentralization for the improvement of democratic education". The project is implemented by the NGO consortium "DOCCU" and PH Zurich with the support of SDC.


Ecosystem of learning Ukrainian - Speak Ukrainian

A unique platform for learning the Ukrainian language for foreigners. Contains a full course of the Ukrainian language with audio dubbing.

The project was implemented with the support of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine in 2018.

Training is free of charge.


Career guidance and career building platform of the State Employment Service

Developed by order of the State Employment Service of Ukraine in 2017, the platform contains 11 unique tests (10 soft skills tests and 1 career guidance test).

Testing is free of charge.


Online House of Justice

Developed by order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in 2016.
Our team is responsible for the development of a concept that involves transferring the services and registers of the Ministry of Justice online so that every Ukrainian can get the necessary services in three clicks.

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Device Coalition

Device Coalition is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry for Digital Transformation of Ukraine, and the Olena Zelenska Foundation. It aims to mobilize development partners globally to ensure Ukrainian children and educators have access to distance learning and teaching during the war

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Platform for emotional support during COVID-19

An online center for free emotional support for Kyiv residents with useful counseling from psychologists and practitioners on emotional and psychological support, practical life advice for both adults and children.

On the Virtual Emotional Support Platform of the KCSA Monitoring Center for Countering COVID-19, anyone can receive emotional support, psychological assistance and online training free of charge during the quarantine caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The platform is constantly updated with new materials. In the realities of the current wartime, the Platform presents many other free activities, such as information for IDPs, assistance to refugees, transportation for evacuation, etc.

The project partner is the Kyiv City Education Agency of the Kyiv City State Administration.


Ukrainian Education Hub in Poland

Mission of Ukrainian Education Hub in Poland is to to promote integration into the local community of Ukrainians who are currently in Warsaw, as well as assistance in their employment, in order to financially support themselves and their children. The project is implemented with the support of the Central European Initiative. The Ukrainian Education Hub is located next to the Employment Service of Warsaw (Marszałkowska 77/79), which takes care of employment for Ukrainians currently living in the capital of Poland.

The Ukrainian Education Hub in Poland will allow both adults and children to find something useful and interesting for themselves: learning Ukrainian, Polish and English languages, the peculiarities of living in Poland, mastering IT professions and soft skills, determining a profession in accordance with one's abilities with the help of artificial intelligence, employment assistance, psychological support, excursions and much more await visitors. All events are free of charge.


Digital Learning Centers (DLC)

Our organization has created a portal for the Network of Digital Learning Centers in Ukraine with the support of Save the Children. The project is aimed at opening Digital Learning Centers (SPILNO DLC) and providing psychosocial assistance services for children and youth. Also within the project, with the support of UNICEF Ukraine we will open 16 digital learning centers in the communities of Mykolaiv, Odesa, and Kherson regions, which will provide catch-up education for students, life lessons on the most popular modern skills of the 21st century, career guidance, various training and remedial programs, psychosocial support and training for 30,000 students from 7 regions, as well as teacher training and psychosocial support for teachers and school psychologists.


Development of the platform "Becoming Stronger Together!" as part of the Decide project

Our organization is also the developer of the portal of the initiative "Becoming Stronger Together!" aimed at teachers, heads of educational institutions, school psychologists, parents, heads of territorial communities, and employees of community education authorities.

The initiative is being implemented within the framework of the Swiss-Ukrainian project DECIDE - "Decentralization for Democratic Education Development" in partnership with the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry of Community Development, Territorial and Infrastructure Development, and the Presidential Foundation for Support of Education, Science and Sports.


in creating and launching an educational project, platform, course or training – CONTACT US

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For 15 years of work and implementation of more than 150 projects, we have understood that the success of an educational project depends on 3 components:

qualitative knowledge that can be immediately applied in practice

the ability to tell people about the project using marketing and PR tools

interesting presentation of the material, so that you want to complete the course

In each of these components, our team has deep expertise and is ready to help you implement.

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