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Our projects


Foresight "Labor Market 2035"

Together with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, we initiated and conducted the National Foresight Study "Ukraine - 2035: Human Capital and Labor Market".

This study was conducted using the foresight methodology - scenario forecasting of development. More than 30 leading international and Ukrainian experts representing academia, government, business and civil society, responsible for youth and adult education, human capital development and the labor market in Ukraine were invited.


The Market of Languages

The Market of Languages is a large-scale festival, a unique educational fair held at the initiative of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine to promote foreign language learning. The first Market of Languages took place on September 15, 2018, on Khreshchatyk Street in Kyiv. The educational festival included lectures, workshops, presentations by linguistic schools, a job fair, open-air movie screenings, a concert, and other activities.  During the Market of Languages, the largest English lesson was held, which entered the Ukrainian record book. The number of participants was 10 thousand people.

In 2019, the Market of Languages was held in Chernivtsi, Uzhhorod, and Odesa under a similar scenario.


Digital Learning Centers (DLC) with the support of UNICEF in Ukraine

A project on opening Digital Learning Centers (SPILNO DLC) and providing psychosocial assistance services for children and youth with the support of UNICEF in Ukraine.

The project involves the opening of 16 digital learning centers in the communities of Mykolaiv, Odesa and Kherson regions, which will provide catch-up education for students, life lessons on the most popular modern skills of the 21st century, career guidance, various training and remedial programs, psychosocial support and training for 30 thousand students from 7 regions, as well as teacher training and psychosocial support for teachers and school psychologists.

Our organization has also created a portal for the Network of Digital Learning Centers in Ukraine with the support of Save the Children.



The project "#KyivWillSpeakEnglish" became one of the winners in the Kyiv Public Budget competition (ranked 4th out of more than 800 projects).

In 2018, more than 10 thousand Kyiv residents learned English for free through the following activities:

- online learning on the Lingva.Skills portal and our social media channels;

- 12 unique webinars with Vitalii Zubkov, Lingva.Skills methodologist, psycholinguist, and polyglot;
- holding English Speaking Clubs and Lingva.Show;
- launch of the TV column "#KyivWillSpeakEnglish!" on Kyiv TV channel, etc.

The project partner was the Kyiv City Education Agency of the Kyiv City State Administration.


Online Kindergarten

Online Kindergarten is a project by the Education Hub that was launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the announcement of quarantine ( The portal contains more than 100 interesting online lessons on the topic: 

- Fairy tale yoga, English for children, developmental activities that contribute to the comprehensive development of the child, and other lessons that can be taken at any time, repeated or viewed again.

The information about Kindergarten has spread far beyond Ukraine, with media outlets such as The New York Times, Reuters, National Post, The Star, and many others writing about the project. More than 100,000 people have used the online kindergarten's services. Currently, the project is being supplemented with new useful online courses for children in the main professions.

The project partner is the Kyiv City Education Agency of the Kyiv City State Administration.


Projects included in the National Book of Records

Every year, the Association of Innovative and Digital organizes events that receive the National Record of Ukraine:

In 2018, Lingva.Show was the largest English language lesson in Ukraine. The largest lesson was attended by 520 Ukrainians. The lesson was taught by Vitalii Zubkov, a well-known psycholinguist and polyglot who teaches 5 foreign languages

2019 was the longest live educational television marathon ever held. During the event, 30 professional Ukrainian trainers in emotional intelligence, English, sales, public speaking, time management, etc. held their own master classes live on Kyiv TV channel.

2021 - All-Ukrainian online career guidance lesson "Choose your dream profession" with the participation of famous Ukrainians such as Yevhen Klopotenko, Zhan Beleniuk and others. The lesson was broadcast in all educational institutions of Ukraine, watched by more than 500 thousand students.

2022 - the online project Lingva.Skills entered the Ukrainian Book of Records as the most massive educational social online project. Its goal is to enable Ukrainians to master the English language.

2022 - on Knowledge Day, a joint telethon on National Television hosted the All-Ukrainian lesson "Back to School" with the participation of First Lady Olena Zelenska, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, as well as Tina Karol, Yevhen Klopotenko, Taras Topolya and Oleksandr Pedan.


Ukrainian Education Hub for Ukrainian students and teachers with the support of UNICEF in Poland

The mission of the project is to provide support for personalized learning within the non-formal education system to refugee children from Ukraine studying under a Ukrainian online program, as well as to teachers of the Ukrainian language.

The mission of the project is to provide support for personalized learning within the non-formal education system to refugee children from Ukraine studying under a Ukrainian online program, as well as to teachers of the Ukrainian language.


The main objectives of the project included:

1. Providing children with access to distance learning platforms, including online support for teachers.

2. Conducting non-formal education programs "Lessons for Life" for Ukrainian refugee children (5-11 years old): cybersecurity, financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills, career guidance (building an individual future education and career trajectory), emotional intelligence (first psychological support). The program has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

3. Conducting trainings on Polish language and communication skills for teachers in Poland.

An additional 450 events for children and adults were held as part of the project.

The project covered a total of 14,000 Ukrainian refugee children in Poland and 900 teachers.


The project "Study and Distinguish" with the support of IREX

Media literacy project for teachers "Study and Distinguish" with the support of IREX. As part of the project, 2 online courses on the implementation of infomedia literacy in the educational process on the topics "Media Literate Resistance: Building Reasoned Dialogues" and "Media Literate Resistance: Communicating on Equal Terms" have been created. 1 online course is currently under development. Also, 4 peer-to-peer meetings among educators were held, and 12 trainings for educators are planned.


National TV lessons "Back to School" and the National Career Guidance Lesson

2021 - All-Ukrainian online career guidance lesson "Choose the profession of your dreams" with the participation of famous Ukrainians such as Yevhen Klopotenko, Zhan Beleniuk and others. The lesson was broadcast in all educational institutions of Ukraine, watched by more than 500 thousand students, it became the most popular television lesson.

March 15, 2023 - All-Ukrainian lesson on career guidance was held -

2022 - On the Day of Knowledge, the All-Ukrainian lesson "Back to School" was broadcast live on the National Television with the participation of the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska, the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, as well as Tina Karol, Yevhen Klopotenko, Taras Topolya and Oleksandr Pedan. At the end of the broadcast, it became known that the record for the largest mass lesson in Ukraine had been set, which was officially recorded by representatives of the Ukrainian Book of Records. The lesson was held with the support of the Goethe Institute.

2023 - On Knowledge Day, together with UNICEF Ukraine, we held a lesson on psychological resilience as part of the All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program "How are you?" (, initiated by the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska for grades 1-6 and grades 7-11.


Training program "Information Security" for women activists and young civic leaders with the support of NDI

One of the objectives of the project is to master the skills of exposing fakes and protecting against various types of harmful information influence.

As part of the project, our team will train women and civic leaders to improve their information security awareness and competencies, namely critical thinking skills in relation to disinformation.

-  3000 Women emerging leaders will improve their skills that serves their communities and helps to build resilience against Russian information attacks,

-  Interactive tool “Fakes calculator” will be developed within the project,

-  A multimedia online course will be developed and 6 webinars will be provided for course participants all over Ukraine, to help women leaders build their countering disinformation and information integrity skills,

-  4 offline trainings will be conducted in Kyiv and 3 regions to build networking of “Woman activists Academy”

-  Ukrainians are better informed about Russian disinformation efforts and its malign influence in different regions,

-  Ukrainians have greater access to accurate messaging on topics targeted by disinformation,

-  Civil society organizations receive capacity building training (online-course in open access on the platform) responsive to their needs to enable more effective programming promoting information integrity.

This project is ongoing.


Project on the implementation of the European Social Charter with the support of the Council of Europe

The following activities are planned as part of the project:

1. Creation of 2 training programs with the participation of experts from the Office of the Ukrainian Commissioner for Human Rights

2. On the basis of the above curricula, an online course will be created: the Advanced Training Course for Educators in SCORM multimedia format "Fundamental Rights and Principles of the Individual in accordance with the Articles of the European Social Charter" and a Modular Lesson for teaching in general secondary education institutions "Children's Rights in accordance with the European Social Charter".

3. Conducting a public information campaign in the media to popularize these two courses in order to provide teachers, children and adolescents, as well as their parents with practical and useful knowledge and skills (competencies) on social human rights in accordance with the European Social Charter (ESC).


The results of the project:

·  at least 10,000 students in grades 5-11 will attend the lesson "Children's rights in accordance with the European Social Charter"

·  at least 3,000 teachers will receive advanced training through an online course in international SCORM format on "Fundamental Rights and Principles of the Individual in accordance with the Articles of the European Social Charter"

·  the total information coverage of the project is over 1,000,000 people.

This project is ongoing.


Social and labor integration of Ukrainian refugees and IDPs in Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Ukraine with the support of the Central European Initiative

A project for Ukrainian refugees in Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria, as well as IDPs in the western regions of Ukraine, to adapt to the conditions of stay in a new place, receive psychological assistance, prepare for employment, learn foreign languages, provide knowledge on running their own business, conduct career guidance testing and counseling, and build further education and career development. The project is implemented with the support of the Central European Initiative.


Podcast "Emotional Support Platform of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine"

Since the first days of russia's war of aggression against Ukraine, together with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, we have initiated an all-Ukrainian project to provide emotional support to Ukrainians, where certified psychologists from the Association of Innovative and Digital Education and well-known Ukrainians give practical recommendations to civilians on how to emotionally survive the horrors of war.

You can watch the entire playlist here.  

So far, more than 100 thousand Ukrainians have watched our videos.


SMILE - repair of 12 shelters for IDPs with the support of Terre des hommes

The goal of the support program was to improve the living conditions for IDPs, to create comfortable living in the existing centers of the IDPs. During the implementation of the project, 12 MCPs were selected in the Khmelnytskyi region, where internally displaced persons lived.

In general, the program of support of Centers of collective living in Khmelnytskyi region "Smile - Support of children, youth and their families during a crisis situation in Ukraine" covered 375 people, 78 of them children.


Renovation of 10 centers for compact residence of IDPs in Khmelnytsky region with the support of the Foundation of France

The purpose of the support program was to improve living conditions (repair, purchase of equipment) for IDPs, to create comfortable living conditions in the existing 10 centers of compact accommodation for IDPs in Khmelnytskyi region.

In addition, educational activities, case management, trainings and psychological support were conducted for internally displaced persons.


Educational exchange between Kyiv and Leipzig within the framework of the “Urban X Change” project

As part of the project, we established the Ukrainian Education Hub in Leipzig -, created 10 video lessons, and organized 80 educational events that were held in 2022 for more than 3,000 Ukrainian refugees. The topics of the educational events include mastering IT professions and soft skills, learning German and English, career guidance using artificial intelligence, employment assistance, cultural events and excursions for adults.

The Ukrainian Educational Hub in Leipzig is one of the largest of the network of EduHubs that our Association has established since the beginning of the war -

The project was supported by DVV International and the Federal Foreign Office.


Projects for Ukrainians in Poland based on the Ukrainian Educational Hub

The projects for Ukrainians in Poland were implemented with the support of UNICEF Poland, UNHCR, the US Embassy, the Central European Initiative CEI, the International Visegrad Fund, the Deloitte Foundation, the Freedom and Democracy Foundation, the Pro Futuro Foundation, and others.

The aim of the projects is to support Ukrainians in Poland, including teaching Polish and English, employment skills, providing psychosocial support, and more.

The Ukrainian Education Hub in Poland is one of the largest within the Network of Ukrainian Education Hubs

The Ukrainian Education Hub in Poland has its own premises in the center of Warsaw, information channels, a network of partners, and a Ukrainian library -


Human Capital Forum

In September 2019, Kyiv hosted the first Forum to discuss practical solutions to prevent the massive outflow of Ukrainians abroad. The forum was attended by leading experts in education, digital technologies, and human capital from Germany, the United States, Lithuania, and Ukraine, as well as Leif Edvinson, a legendary human capital expert who personally launched social elevators at the state level in countries such as Sweden, Singapore, and Israel.

The forum was attended by 500 people. The forum launched the “HR You” Club, which included more than 30 human capital development specialists from leading national and international companies.


Career guidance project "Stop Career Alarm!" with the support of UNFPA

In 2023, the career guidance project "Stop Career Alarm!" was implemented in Volyn and Ternopil regions, providing young people with career guidance services, lectures at schools, and a multimedia SCORM course of the same name on choosing a profession without gender stereotypes.

The goal of the project was to help adolescents identify their own aptitude for different areas of professional activity, learn about new, relevant, and promising professions, and help them choose their dream profession, avoiding gender barriers and traditional ideas about professions. 

The project was implemented with the financial support of UNFPA Ukraine.


USAID project "HOVERLA" Psychosocial and emotional support and improvement of PSS-services in communities"

To ensure the provision of adequate psychological assistance to the population, the project "Psychosocial and Emotional Support and Improvement of Public Mental Health Services" was created, with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and American people through the USAID HOVERLA Project.

We provided an integrated approach to the deployment of a psychological assistance system in 25 communities in Volyn, Lviv, and Poltava regions.

As part of the project, 4 online courses in the SCORM multimedia format (for social workers, for educators, for civil servants, officials responsible for social and humanitarian issues, "Practical skills for overcoming stress") were created and posted on the Hromada Academy; senior psychologists were trained in 25 communities; supervisory support was provided to psychologists and social workers, as well as educators who had completed online courses. Finally, during (and after) the project implementation, high-quality psychosocial services were provided in the communities.


Education Hubs in Lviv, Volyn and Ternopil regions with the support of the Carpathian Foundation and UNFPA

The project were implemented in 2022 as part of the "Springboard to Equality" project implemented by UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund in partnership with the Office of the Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine and Bitrut Academy with financial support from Sweden.

The project aimed to provide free psychological, social and educational support to internally displaced Ukrainians of all ages

The participants of the Educational Hubs had access to excursions, workshops on the most popular skills in the labor market (soft skills), individual and group sessions with a psychologist, and English and Ukrainian language classes (courses and clubs). Opportunities to train Hub participants in new professions (retraining), including blue-collar professions (hairdresser, florist, administrator) and IT specialties, proved to be useful.



In 2019, our company, together with Bizgames, developed the board game "Lingva.Game", which allows you to improve your foreign language knowledge and develop practical application skills (learn new words, phrases, hone your reading, listening, grammar skills, develop your spoken language), the game has a learning format that aims to develop knowledge with active interaction between participants. There are 2 levels of difficulty (beginner and intermediate).

Possible gameplay: participants perform tasks on the playing fields, answer questions, and receive points for each correct answer or completed task. The winner is the participant with the highest score.

The game lasts no more than 45 minutes.


The game is now being actively distributed free of charge to educational institutions in Kyiv, and open games are being held among Kyiv residents who want to learn foreign languages on their own.


Psychological 5-minute video trainings for Ukrainian teachers and schoolchildren with the support of People in Need

Our team created video tutorials on 108 psychological techniques that have been approved by the Institute of Education Content Modernization of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. 

The videos are hosted by Dmytro Karpachov and Olena Adamova.

These short psychological techniques are used by school psychologists, kindergarten teachers, school and vocational school teachers, and university professors to bring children into a resourceful state and provide emotional support.

The project partner is the international organization People in Need.

5-minute videos are posted on the website of the Ecosystem for Psychosocial Support:


All-Ukrainian project on psychosocial support of children and their parents with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv

The mission of the project: to provide teachers with practical skills of psychological first aid and emotional support, as well as diagnosis of psychological conditions for use in the educational process.

As part of the project, we:

  • Conducted trainings before the start of the new academic year for 50,000+ educators:

  • Provided psychological first aid and PSS-diagnostics of participants of the educational process by educators who have successfully completed their studies. Conducted referrals of children with deep trauma to professional psychologists of the CETA project.

  • Conducted supervisions (methodical and consultive support of educators by profesional psychologists).

The project is in the process of implementation. On this date 20.000 of educators have finished education activity within the project.


Implementation of mental health and psychosocial support measures (MHPSS) in the field of education on the basis of Educational Hubs (DLC)

Psychosocial Support Programme (PSS) from the Government of Japan (Japan International Cooperation Agency – JICA)

The programme consists of video lectures from leading Japanese psychology experts who provide practical tools for stress management and first psychological aid, etc.

It is being used within the Ecosystem of psychological support in education of Ministry of Eduation and Science and by educators and specialists of the psychological service of the educational system.


Migration history: how to tell your story to the world

The main goals of the project were: to draw attention to the challenges faced by young people and teenagers from Ukraine who have experienced migration and are seeking refuge, to dispel stereotypes and difficulties they encounter, to demonstrate ways to connect with new individuals and settle in Poland. The workshops took the form of open discussions, inspiring exercises, and practical tasks. The main activities within this project included: Composition in photography and video, Creating movie scripts, Photographic/video narrative (Storytelling), Proficiency in film creation and editing.


Life Strategy: A Program of Self-Care for Ukrainians

As part of the project initiated by the UN Refugee Agency and implemented by the Ukrainian Education Hub in Poland, 15 online psychological self-help meetings were held in 2023 for Ukrainian refugees living in Warsaw and the Mazovian Voivodeship. Psychosocial and soft skills upskilling of Ukrainian refugees (adult people, 300+ people), English.


For 15 years of work and implementation of more than 150 projects, we have understood that the success of an educational project depends on 3 components:

qualitative knowledge that can be immediately applied in practice

the ability to tell people about the project using marketing and PR tools

an interesting presentation of the material, so that you want to complete the course to the end

In each of these components, our team has deep expertise and is ready to help you in implementation.

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