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The educational hub in Warsaw has contributed to the adaptation andand career guidance of Ukrainians in Poland

From 15 April to 15 August 2023, the project "Educational Support for Ukrainian Refugees in CEI Countries" held events for people temporarily residing in Poland. Some of the events were held offline at the Ukrainian Education Hub in Warsaw, while others were broadcast online throughout the country.  

During the programme, Ukrainian refugees had the opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge free of charge to better adapt to new living conditions in Poland and become more competitive in the labour market.

EduHub's activities included online and offline trainings, English and Polish language classes, seminars on soft skills and psychological support, Polish culture and history. A total of 1883 people took part in 86 events.

The Ukrainian Education Hub hosted Polish conversation clubs. The cycle of Polish conversation clubs was popular, as learning Polish remains relevant for Ukrainians. A Telegram group was created to facilitate communication between the participants and to enable discussions outside of class hours: 

English conversation clubs with native speakers were also popular among Ukrainians temporarily residing in Poland. The classes were delivered by native speakers online on the ZOOM platform. To reach all interested participants, 46 events were held instead of 20.

The lecture course for Ukrainians in Poland was titled "Secrets of Polish Language Sound, Everything You'll Never Learn in Polish Classes" and consisted of 10 topics.

The seminar courses were dedicated to the following topics: overcoming refugee syndrome, employment in Poland.

For young people, the Ukrainian Education Hub organized debates, during which Ukrainian youth aged 16 to 21 had the opportunity to practice their public speaking skills. They discussed the quality and quantity of school subjects, differences and similarities between the Ukrainian and Polish education systems.

In order to improve communication skills, live trainings with a practitioner were held for young people. During the trainings, participants learned effective listening skills, communication with peers, parents and teachers; how to easily meet and establish contact with peers; how to behave appropriately in conflict situations; verbal and non-verbal communication techniques; and how to identify personal qualities important for communication. At the end of the training, the Ukrainian youth received clear feedback and a personal list of exercises for further development.

EduHub's activities were aimed at strengthening intercultural cooperation between Ukraine and Poland and integrating Ukrainian refugees into the local community.

As a result of the activities, Ukrainians temporarily residing in Poland acquired psychological, language and digital skills for further retraining and job search.


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