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Ukrainian Education Hub launched in the UK

On 8 December 2023, the Ukrainian Education Hub was launched in the UK in partnership with the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Hub in the UK became the twenty-second in the Network of Ukrainian Education Hubs that have been operating since the beginning of the war, both in Ukraine and in the EU: Poland, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Switzerland, etc.

"Our strategic goal is to preserve the human capital of our country, so we, together with the Association of Innovative and Digital Education, are developing the Network of Ukrainian Education Hubs at the initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, whose mission is to enable Ukrainian children who are currently temporarily residing in other countries to catch up on their studies, continue their education under the Ukrainian state curriculum and acquire skills for a successful life, especially soft skills, and for women to master the competencies required in the labour market to be able to finance their careers.

Next year, educational hubs are scheduled to open in the US, Japan, Italy and Australia.

"We continue to systematically move towards our goal of opening Ukrainian Education Hubs - Digital Learning Centres (DLCs) in all countries where Ukrainian children are currently in large numbers," said Maria Boguslav, coordinator of the Ukrainian Education Hubs and executive director of the Association of Innovative and Digital Education.

Yevheniia Zhyriakova, Coordinator of the Ukrainian Education Hub in the UK, presented the Action Plan for 2024.

All events that will take place for Ukrainians in the UK can be found on the Telegram channel.


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