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Ecosystem of Psychological Assistance in Education

During the All-Ukrainian Educational Forum "New Dimensions of Security: Challenges and Solutions", the project "Ecosystem of Psychological Assistance in Education" was presented. Its goal is to help many Ukrainians, especially children, in a professional and systematic way.

The ecosystem covers all participants in the educational process: educators, school psychologists, heads of educational institutions, pupils, students and their parents/guardians.

The project was launched by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Institute for Modernisation of Education Content and the Association of Innovative and Digital Education as part of the National Programme of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support at the initiative of the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska.

The team of the Association of Innovative and Digital Education has created a platform where everyone can: get first psychological help; learn skills and techniques to help cope in difficult situations; receive training in psychological help; and receive supervision from clinical psychologists.

The ecosystem's activities are aimed at people who do not have a professional psychological education and experience in working with clinical cases.

For each target audience, appropriate training programmes have been specially developed. For example, an advanced training course for educators has been successful.

The project includes, among other things, the Psychosocial Support Programme (PSS) from the Government of Japan (Japan International Cooperation Agency - JICA). It consists of video lectures from leading Japanese psychology experts who provide practical tools for stress management and first aid.

As part of the Ecosystem of Psychological Assistance in Education, 108 short video lessons have been created to help teachers and school psychologists support children in a resourceful state during the educational process. The videos were narrated by TV presenters and psychologists Dmytro Karpachov and Olena Adamova.

The platform of the Ecosystem of Psychological Assistance in Education  contains free resources that will help everyone return to a resourceful state and learn to cope with stress and difficulties in life.


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