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Education Hub in Hungary provided online educational services

From January to October 2023, the Ukrainian Education Hub in Hungary was operating within the framework of the project "Educational Support for Ukrainian Refugees in CEI Countries".

In general, the EduHub project in Hungary had a fairly wide geography and provided services not only to those Ukrainians who found temporary refuge in this country due to the war in Ukraine, but also in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic.

In order to provide services to everyone in these countries, the events were held online. A total of 40 educational events were held on the following topics: Hungarian culture, traditions and history (speaker ꟷ Oksana Andriychuk); general topics in Hungary (Csilla Slobodian Kurtiak); Hungarian history and media literacy (Snizhana Cherniuk); psychological support for refugees from Ukraine in Hungary (Iryna Yatsyk).

The 40 events of the Education Hub in Hungary were attended by 1814 participants.

The EduHub team decided to organize 7 additional workshops, as the soft skills and psychological support events were the most popular among participants and most wanted to continue. These workshops were held until 17 October 2023.


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