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Ukrainian refugees in European countries received educational and career guidance services

From April to August 2023, the Association of Innovative and Digital Education implemented the project "Educational Support for Ukrainian Refugees in Central and Eastern Europe" with funding from the Central European Initiative.

The project is aimed at supporting Ukrainians who have been forced to stay in European countries due to the war in Ukraine: Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Romania.  

The Association of Innovative and Digital Education, together with CEI, aimed to ensure the rapid integration of Ukrainian refugees (children and adults) into local communities and the educational process, as well as to promote the employment of Ukrainian women and youth in Central and Eastern Europe. They received relevant skills: soft skills, languages, simple IT professions.

A total of 2,334 people took part in the project in the countries covered by the training activities. In addition, 677 people were provided with career guidance services: 287 children and 390 adults.


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