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Website of Digital Education Centres launched

The team of the Association of Innovative and Digital Education has developed a website for Digital Education Centres:


The project "Creation of Digital Learning Centres (SPILNO DLC) and provision of psychosocial support services for children and youth" is implemented by the Association for Innovative and Digital Education with the financial support of UNICEF International Children's Fund.

Digital Learning Centres (DLCs) ꟷ are safe, cosy and equipped with all the necessary spaces for studying and leisure for students aged 6 to 18. They are not a substitute for school and are not tied to educational institutions.

In the centres, you can connect to online lessons, do your homework, chat with friends or join clubs for free.  The DLCs are equipped with shelters, reliable internet, laptops and educational materials.

The website of the digital education centres has a map with the centres marked. Their addresses are not listed for security reasons. This information can be found by calling the phone number listed for each community.

The opening hours of the centre in each community can be found at the tutor's office. The project's hotline number is listed on the platform.

The website  is useful for students and parents from all over Ukraine.


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